EZR30 – Enable 12V 24V DC Input Power

EZR30 series outdoor MIMO 4G routers take both types of input sources. The default input power is from 48Volt PoE socket.

On the default PoE socket, the outdoor router can support both of default 48Volt PoE injector and all kinds of 802.3af/at standard 48Volt PoE switches.

To power up the EZR30 router with 12~24Volt DC power sources, you need to modify the wires of #4,5 & #7,8 manually.

Firstly, need to know below PoE wiring method:
Ethernet: 1,2,3,6
DC Positive Pole +: 4,5
DC Negative Pole -: 7,8

Change 4,5 and 7,8 wires to related DC jack joints will enable the 12~24V DC power sources. Kindly note that after changed the wires, the router could no longer support the 48Volt PoE power source.

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