Outdoor WiFi for Holiday Lodges

Upgrade your WiFi coverage in outdoor.

The outdoor router installed and working great at a remote [...]

Outside 4G LTE Router Waterproof

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I've received and now installed and the [...]

Fast Solar Powered 4G Router

The perfect paragon of deploying a solar-powered router in mountains.

I am really loving the Outdoor [...]

Lift 4G Antenna A Few Meters

The referential 4G antenna installation.

I lifted the antenna by 5 meters on the top of [...]

Installed Outside Get Signal Easily

The installation example from New Zealand.

The unit is very well made and connects to a [...]

Using 4G Router As A Modem

The flexible installation method!

I'm currently using my outdoor router as a modem supplying my router. [...]

UK Vodafone 4G to Indoor Router

The operation on UK Vodafone SIM card.

The router is running. Excellent speeds! I connected an [...]