Off-grid Solar Power 4G Router

The solar 4G router is designed for outdoor use and supports a solar battery pack to operate without needing a power outlet or external power source. It's ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, remote workers, and anyone who needs reliable internet connectivity in off-grid locations.

The solar-powered 4g outdoor modem router is compatible with various 4G/LTE networks and offers high-speed internet connectivity in remote areas or places without wired internet connections. The solar 4G router provides WiFi, Ethernet, and advanced networking features such as VPN and firewall for secure and reliable internet connectivity.

The solar 4G routers come in different models with varying specifications, such as frequency bands, WiFi speed, and the number of LAN and WAN ports, to cater to different user requirements. The solar 4G router is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and comes with IP-rated weatherproof enclosures to protect against dust, water, and extreme temperatures.

Solar Battery Powered Outdoor WiFi 4G Router
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