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4G Router LTE Modem with SIM Card Slots

Australian Industrial 4G Router Broadband LTE Modem

The indoor broadband 4G router works under Australian mobile networks to provide a convenient internet connection.
Integrated with various 4G LTE modules, you can choose depending on your application and the data plan of the SIM card.

How does 4G mobile router work?

The broadband 4G router has a built-in LTE modem and supports all the major mobile carriers in Australia, New Zealand, India, and Oceanian countries. You can choose depending on your application and the data plan of the SIM card.

After inserting a workable Nano SIM card into the 4G router, you will get an Internet connection on either a LAN port or wireless WiFi hotspot.
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4G Router with LTE Modem and MIMO WiFi

Compare LTE Modems of Australian 4G Routers

The LTE modem built in the 4G router uses the LTE Categories to define the performance specifications. Each LTE category has inequable parameters like speed rates, power consumption, RF bandwidth, etc.

Our 4G router products include CAT1/4/6/12, and each has a diverse speed rate and benefits for various application scenarios. The most popular models are CAT6 and CAT12. The CAT1/4 is considerable when using low traffic.

Router SKU LTE Category Maximum Download Carrier Aggregation 3GPP Release
EZR23-O1 CAT1 10 Mbps No Rel 8
EZR23-Y4O CAT4 150 Mbps No Rel 8
EZR23-Y6O CAT6 300 Mbps 2x Rel 10
EZR24-D012 CAT12 600 Mbps 3x Rel 11

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SKU: EZR24-D012
Cat12 4G modem download 600Mbps Cat12 Mobile Modem
3x times upload speed 150Mbps 4G Internet Router Upload Streaming
Dual 2.4/5.8G Wi-Fi 1200Mbps 1200Mbps dual WiFi
WAN & 4xLAN Gigabit RJ45 Ports Fast-speed 4G internet networks
Cat6 LTE mobile modem 300Mbps Cat6 Mobile Modem Router 4G LTE
Australia 4G Networks Double SIM cards Dual-Sim Australia 4G Router
Long-range WiFi 100~200 yards Long-range 4G Modem External WiFi
Wide-range DC power 9~48Volt AC to DC Power Supply
Cat4 LTE mobile modem 150Mbps Cat4 Australia 4G LTE Modem
Australia 4G Modem Dual SIM cards Dual-Sim Card Slot Australia 4G Modem
Long-range WiFi 100~200 yards 4G Modem Long-range WiFi
Wide-range DC power 9~48Volt Wide-range DC Power Supply

Dedicated Australian 4G LTE Modem

Support Australia mobile carriers:
Telstra, Vodafone, and broadband plan of Optus

Australian 4G Modem Router Optus Telstra