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How it Works? Why Outdoor? Waterproof Router
Cabin Outdoor Router 4G WiFi CPE in Outside
Outdoor 4G Router External Antenna LTE Modem SIM Slot

Go Outdoor! Extend Cellular Internet to Outside.

Outdoor cellular internet gateway! The standalone mobile modem router has outdoor WiFi and LAN Etherent.

Benefits of Outdoor Internet Router

The outdoor router offers significant advantages over an indoor router, including optimal mobile signal reception and large-scale outside WiFi coverage. The outdoor modem router is the preferred internet gateway for remote areas and demanding outdoor conditions, especially when landline internet is unavailable.

Optimal Outside 4G/5G Signals

Directly install the SIM card modem router outside a home or office building. The outdoor router receives the best cellular signals by minimizing obstructions and radio-frequency interferences. The outdoor router has higher gain external antennas to maximize the mobile internet speed. It also allows upgrading external antennas to point to a specific direction or enhance the signal-receiving ability.

Expanded Outdoor WiFi Coverage

The outdoor installation enables expanded WiFi coverage outside, such as backyards, gardens, driveways, and more. With a 1-watt WiFi booster inside, the outside WiFi reaches farther and covers outbuildings rather than being limited by the walls of a building.

4G Outdoor SIM Card Router with Wireless WiFi Coverage
Outdoor 4G Router with External Antennas

Outdoor Router with PoE Ethernet

The outdoor 4G/5G router takes PoE power through a LAN cable. It provides fast-speed wired Ethernet to indoor switches and routers.

Rugged Outdoor Router Waterproof

The patented outdoor enclosure offers the best IP67 waterproof protection and withstands extreme weather.

Outdoor CPE Router

American Outdoor 4G Router Cellular Modem LTE Module
2021 New Outdoor 4G Router Waterproof Enclosure
Rugged 4G Router LTE Modem with Waterproof Enclosure Interfaces
  • IP67 Waterproof Enclosure
  • With Nano SIM Card Slot(s)
  • WiFi Covers 150-300 Yards
  • 48~52V PoE with Ethernet
  • Robust N-type Antenna Ports
  • Supports 12V DC Power

The UK Outdoor Routers include CAT1/4/6/12 LTE mobile modems and the latest outdoor 5G routers.

The most popular models are CAT6, CAT12, and 5G, which have carrier aggregation and a faster speed. The CAT1/4 modems have a slower speed rate and are suitable for low-traffic demands.

The North American Outdoor Routers support all 3G WCDMA, 4G LTE, and 5G-NR cellular networks in the USA and Canada.

The CAT6/12 cellular modems and the latest 5G routers have carrier aggregation and provide a faster speed speed. The CAT1 and CAT4 modems have a lower rate for low-traffic demands.

The European Outdoor Routers support 2G GSM, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE, and 5G-NR mobile networks all over Europe and the other EMEA countries.

The CAT6/12 and 5G modems support carrier aggregation and provide a faster speed. The CAT1/4 modems have a slower speed for industrial applications requiring low traffic.

The Australian Outdoor Routers support 2G GSM, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE, and 5G New Radio mobile networks in Australia, New Zealand, India, and some Latin American countries.

The CAT6/12 and 5G-NR modems support carrier aggregation and provide a faster speed. The CAT1/4 modems have a slower download speed for low-traffic demands.

Outdoor Router 4G WiFi Ethernet Remote Internet Cell Tower

Compare Indoor and Outdoor Routers

VS Router In Outdoor Box

Both can work outdoors and connect to the mobile network. Our outdoor router has a waterproof & anti-corrosion enclosure.

  • Fully industrial and designed to work outdoors and withstand extreme weather, even -40°C cold and +80°C hot temperatures.
  • Integrates lighting protection of common 6KV & differential 1.5KV that is not included in any indoor routers.
VS Router with External Antenna

Mobile signals are simulative frequency waves and attenuate while traveling down the coaxial cable.

The outdoor router transforms internet to digital signals to send through LAN cable with minimum attenuation. The PoE connection supports a max 54-yard LAN cable and allows multiple PoE extenders to expand distance.

VS Outdoor WiFi AP

Both can work outdoors to provide extensive wireless coverage with a WiFi relay function.

Outdoor WiFi AP usually comes with a non-full waterproof box at a lower price. Their ports might get rust after a long period of working. It relies on an existing internet gateway. The outdoor router works standalone with a SIM card slot to obtain internet from mobile networks.

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