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How it Works? Why Outdoor? Waterproof Router
Waterproof Router 4G LTE Modem Weatherproof Enclosure Box
Waterproof Router 4G LTE Modem Weatherproof Enclosure Box

Outdoor Router Waterproof Enclosure

Waterproof outdoor router – Robust cellular internet gateway in the best waterproof enclosure for outdoor uses.

The OutdoorRouter features industrial-grade quality with an M2M cellular modem, integrated SIM card slots, built-in surge protection, and power over Ethernet. The key visible difference is the rugged, waterproof enclosure. The outdoor waterproof enclosure protects the internal module for use in challenging outdoor environments while providing mobile internet connectivity.

The weatherproof outdoor router could protect against dirt and water and withstand extreme weather, even -40°C cold and +80°C hot temperatures. Waterproof breather and backside slots allow rapid rain flow and keep it from overheating.

  • Tested below water in an immersion tank for 30 minutes.
  • Certificated by IP67 standards of IEC 60529: 1989 + A1: 1999 + A2: 2013.

Weatherproof Enclosure Box

The outdoor enclosure is made from lightweight anti-corrosion aluminum and diecast by 100-ton pressure. Rubber gaskets and seals prevent water from entering where parts join together. The white color outdoor coating helps to resist extreme weather conditions.

Outdoor 4G Router in Waterproof Enclosure

US & CN Patented Enclosure Design

The waterproof outdoor enclosure provides complete protection and safeguards the router while allowing outdoor operation and interaction.

US and CN Design Patented Waterproof Enclosure Drafts

4G 5G Outdoor Waterproof Routers

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