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Antenna Bracket

The Antenna bracket, also known as antenna mount, is a valuable accessory for mounting 4G/5G external antennas and outdoor routers.

The mounting bracket can securely mount an external antenna to a surface like a wall, roof, pole, chimney, etc. The bracket helps ensure your antenna remains stable and does not fall or become detached, especially outdoors.

The antenna mount can help elevate the antenna and helps it achieve a wider reception range by avoiding obstacles that could block the signal.
An adjustable bracket that allows changing the antenna angle/direction can help optimize your signal coverage. Vertical tilt and multi-angle designs provide the most flexibility.

For larger external antennas, especially outdoor yagi, panels, grid antennas, and even outdoor routers, you need an antenna bracket to support the total weight to prevent instability or the antenna from falling over time.

The antenna bracket on serves several valuable functions like securely mounting, elevating, grounding and allowing easy adjustment/installation of your external antenna. If you do not have a pole to install the outdoor routers and external antennas, you can buy our shop’s Φ40mm wall antenna bracket.

With bracket pole Ø40mm Router Accessory Info Diameter
Adjustable direction 360° Router Accessory Information Angles