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Commercial 4G Router

The commercial 4G router on is explicitly designed for business or enterprise use, providing connectivity over 4G LTE cellular networks.  If you’ve tried using a standard router or hotspot but are experiencing poor connectivity, slow speeds, or the device needs to be more durable – you can choose the commercial 4G router.

4G commercial routers allow you to insert a cellular network SIM card to gain access to a mobile data plan. EZR23-Y4A router support two SIM cards from different networks.

Except for the Wi-Fi connection, the 4g router for commercial use can also provide wired Ethernet networks. There is a LAN port to provide the Ethernet connection.

It provides connectivity for large fleets of internet-connected devices like digital signs, ATMs, vending machines, etc., especially for  IoT/M2M applications.

When a standard consumer router is insufficient due to performance, reliability, durability, or connectivity requirements, you can choose the 4G LTE commercial router with a dual sim card slot.

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