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5G External Directional Antenna

5G directional antenna is a type of antenna designed to improve the signal strength and speed of 5G networks. This directional antenna is meant to focus the signal in a specific direction, rather than broadcast the signal equally in all directions.

5G external directional antennas are designed to be used outdoors, particularly in areas where 5G network coverage may be weak or middle, or where a high-speed connection is essential. The antenna can be positioned to point towards the 5G base station, allowing it to receive and amplify the 5G signal in that direction.

Yagi 5G antenna’s gain, directionality, and low loss reduce interference, enabling devices located far away from the base station to experience a stable and high-speed connection.

Ultra-wide frequency 698~3800MHz 4G Mobile Frequnecy Range Wideband
High-gain 8-9dBi - Low VSWR ≤1.5 LPDA yagi antenna has 9.5dBi high-gain
Directional antenna narrow angle Directional antenna narrow beamwidth