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IoT Gateway SIM Router

Suppose you need to connect IoT devices far from Wi-Fi hotspots or wired networks. In that case, an IoT gateway SIM router provides cellular connectivity to access them from anywhere. The 4G connectivity allows data transmission over vast distances.

If your IoT devices need to be moved frequently to different locations, a cellular IoT gateway allows them to stay connected to the network and each other from wherever they are deployed. Mobile connectivity means you can set up the network anywhere.

The 4G connectivity in the IoT gateway SIM router provides a backup option to access your IoT devices when the primary Wi-Fi or wired networks go down. As a result, critical IoT infrastructure can remain connected and functioning even when main networks fail. It uses cellular connectivity to enable IoT deployments. So lack of fixed-line access is not a barrier.

EZR23 CAT1 IoT gateway router is useful for IoT deployment scenarios where mobility, geographic scale, network redundancy or security are priorities. Its unique blend of 4G connectivity, multi-protocol device support and intelligent management capabilities make it suitable for demanding enterprise and industrial IoT applications with far-reaching distributed networks of smart endpoints.

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