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Mimo Panel Antenna

A panel antenna is a directional antenna designed to amplify and focus signals in a specific direction. The antenna design consists of a flat panel that radiates signals through its surface. Antenna patch panels are typically used outdoors, especially in broadband wireless systems, to direct signals over long distances to a specific location.

Directional panel antenna typically has a flat design and is easy to install on walls or mounting poles. It can be paired with other wireless devices, such as access points, routers, or range extenders, to improve wireless coverage and range.

OutdoorRouter provides two kinds of mimo panel antenna, one is for extended WiFi coverage, and another one is for improving 4G signal reception.

2.4G Wi-Fi frequency 2400~2500MHz 4G Mobile Frequnecy Range Wideband
High-gain WiFi antenna 14dBi Panel antenna high-gain
Wide beamwidth - H70° V80° WiFi panel antenna with wide beamwidth
MIMO panel antenna 698~2700MHz 4G Mobile Frequnecy Range Wideband
High-gain 6~8dBi - VSWR ≤ 1.5 High-gain 4G cellular antenna
Wide beamwidth - H85±10° V65±10° Directional antenna beamwidth