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External Wi-Fi Antenna

An external Wi-Fi antenna can amplify the signal strength of a Wi-Fi network. It is designed to improve the coverage and range of a wireless network by capturing and strengthening the signal.

Wi-Fi Directional Antenna focuses its signal in a particular direction, making it suitable for outdoor or long-range applications.

Using an outdoor Wi-Fi antenna can improve the signal quality of a wireless network, allowing a device to connect easily and efficiently. It is especially useful in situations where the signal strength is weak due to distance or other obstructions.

External Wi-Fi antenna can be used with other Wi-Fi boosting devices, such as range extenders and routers, to further enhance the strength and range of the wireless signal.

2.4G Wi-Fi frequency 2400~2500MHz 4G Mobile Frequnecy Range Wideband
High-gain WiFi antenna 14dBi Panel antenna high-gain
Wide beamwidth - H70° V80° WiFi panel antenna with wide beamwidth
Frequency 2.4G 2400~2483.5MHz 4G Mobile Frequnecy Range Wideband
High-gain WiFi antenna 14dBi LPDA yagi antenna has 9.5dBi high-gain
Narrow beamwidth - H29° V29° WiFi yagi antenna with narrow beamwidth