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Yagi Antenna

Yagi antennas are directional cellular antennas that receive and transmit signals over long distances.

It provides the highest gain of any cellular antenna type.
It focuses the signal in a narrow beam width, usually 30 to 60 degrees. It is aimed at the desired cell tower for the best performance. The directional quality is what gives Yagis their long range.

Yagi directional antennas are ideal if you have located a long distance from the nearest cell sites and need to establish a consistent high-speed cellular connection. With high gain and narrow beamwidth, Yagis can link locations many miles from a cell tower – far beyond the range of other cellular antenna options.

Yagis are the top solution when distance becomes an issue. provides the WiFi yagi antenna, 4G yagi antenna, and 5G yagi antenna. Suppose you need to extend the WiFi coverage or improve the 4G/5G signal reception, or any time you require a significant improvement in range, coverage, or signal strength in a specific direction. In that case, you can choose the outdoor Yagi direction antenna.

Frequency 2.4G 2400~2483.5MHz 4G Mobile Frequnecy Range Wideband
High-gain WiFi antenna 14dBi LPDA yagi antenna has 9.5dBi high-gain
Narrow beamwidth - H29° V29° WiFi yagi antenna with narrow beamwidth