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Antenna Coaxial Cable

An antenna cable is a type of cable used to transmit radio frequency (RF) signals between an antenna and a radio, television, or other communication devices. Coax cable to Antenna comes in different lengths and types, and choosing the right one is essential for efficient and reliable signal transmission.

LMR200 antenna coaxial cable is the outdoor-rated flexible low-loss coaxial cable for use in rugged environments. It allows you to connect WiFi and 4G antennas to the router to maximize wireless performance.

EZT4MC5 antenna extension cable designed for EZR23/24 indoor 4G routers which comes with 1xSMA-male and 1xN-K female connector.

50Ω LMR200 Low-loss coaxial cable LMR200 Low-loss coaxial cable
Outdoor-grade waterproof RF cable Outdoor-grade waterproof RF cable