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Dual SIM 4G LTE Router

Dual-SIM 4G router on is a wireless router that provides internet connectivity using two SIM cards from different mobile networks. It has slots for two SIM cards from a different network and provides a backup network in case one network goes down.

Dual SIM 4G LTE router provides faster internet speeds than regular 3G routers and supports Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections.
It is allowed to set the configuration through the web interface panel after entering the IP address in a web browser. In addition, you can set up and manage the SIM connections and Wi-Fi network through the control panel.

A dual SIM 4G router provides a backup internet connectivity if your main broadband or Ethernet connection goes down. You can switch to the 4G network of one of the SIMs to get your Wi-Fi network back up and running. If you live or work in an area with limited wired internet options, a 4G dual SIM bonding router can provide essential connectivity. In addition, you have two mobile network options to choose the best speeds/data available at your location.

You can set up an instant Wi-Fi hotspot in a mobile office, construction site, or any temporary setup. You don’t need wired connectivity; just place the router, extend the antennas, and turn it on.

When the primary SIM card loses connection, it will automatically switch to the second SIM card after you enable the Auto Switch.

4G dual SIM bonding routers is very useful in RVs and campers. You can use any two mobile networks for the strongest signal and best data speeds at your current location.

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