What is PoE SIM Card Router and How it Work

PoE SIM Card Router Benefits and How Works

PoE SIM card routers make it easy to power up and obtain wired internet anywhere with just one LAN cable. The PoE integration is perfect for places without regular electric outlets and wired internet that require an internet connection, such as construction zones, parks, parking lots, and remote areas.

Whether you’re a contractor needing connectivity on a job site, an event organizer setting up temporary Wi-Fi, or anyone who just needs reliable internet in an unconventional location, PoE SIM routers offer an incredibly simple, flexible, and dependable solution, putting you in control of your internet needs.

Just plug in a single LAN cable to connect the PoE injector or PoE switch and the PoE-powered outdoor router with a SIM card slot and mobile modem. Then, it can provide mobile internet connections on wired Ethernet ports and wireless WiFi hotspots for phones, computers, and appliances.

Complying with 802.3af/at standards, you can easily power up the PoE SIM card router with 48Volt or 52Volt standard PoE injectors, PoE switches, and even extend the LAN cable length with multiple PoE extenders. This helps to easily integrate the mobile internet into existing PoE networks without messy cables or power outlets.

What is a PoE SIM Card Router?

The PoE SIM card router is a PoE-powered SIM card router that uses a single PoE LAN cable to take electric power and transceiving internet or Etherent data traffic.

PoE, short for Power over Ethernet, is a networking technology that allows electrical power to be transmitted along with data over standard Ethernet cables. A single LAN cable can provide the network connection and the electrical power needed to operate devices such as PoE-abled IP cameras, wireless access points, and other networked equipment.

A PoE SIM router does not require a separate power cable. Instead, it sends data and power with only one Ethernet cable to connect to a central PoE switch or injector that supplies power along with the network. Our rugged outdoor PoE SIM router models are perfect for outdoor deployments in harsh environments like construction sites, remote areas, or parking lots where traditional wired internet is unavailable. Their weatherproof enclosures allow mounting directly on poles, walls, or towers while withstanding the elements.

How SIM Card Router Work?

A SIM card router works standalone to obtain mobile internet from cellular towers and provides internet connectivity. Instead of traditional wired ADSL and fiber modem, it has SIM card slots to take SIM cards for connecting to the broadband mobile network, including 3G, 4G LTE, and the latest 5G NR.

The SIM card router can deploy internet service in remote locations, vehicles, construction sites, and temporary/mobile offices where wired internet is unavailable. It works standalone to provide internet connections on its WiFi hotspots and wired Ethernet port.

PoE SIM Card Router Benefits

The PoE SIM card router requires only one regular LAN cable to deploy the mobile internet service. It simplifies the setup process and enables clean, flexible installations by mounting the routers discretely on walls, poles, or other surfaces. No bulky power cables or outlets are needed.

It can easily be integrated with other PoE-enabled devices, such as IP cameras or wireless access points, which also support 802.3af/at standards. It supports centralized management, such as a PoE switch to power up and link multiple devices.

In some cases, we need to go beyond this distance limitation. The PoE extender can help us extend the LAN cable up to hundreds of meters away from the power source. For example, you could install a PoE SIM card router in a remote location to pick up the best mobile signals, receive power, and roll back the internet to the PoE injector or switch. The PoE extender can work in the middle to boost the distance.

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