Remote Access 4G Router on Cloud Address


Access Your 4G Router Remotely

Traversal Cloud is a secure NAT tunnel tool to provide remote control function on the 4G routers. It’s integrated into the our 4G router firmware since version EV3104.

You can access and control the 4G routers anytime, anywhere, on a web browser. It offers the easiest way to look over your networks. None public IP address and DDNS configuration required.

It’s completely free!

A web proxy is pre-built in the firmware. The traversal cloud is turn off by default. You can follow the below steps to enable it.

  1. Log in the router admin at, and go to Services > Traversal Cloud.
  2. Click the checkbox Enable, then click the button Save & Apply.
  3. Now you can access your router at the Cloud Address on a web browser.

Recommended to set up a strong router password (System / Administration) when the traversal cloud is enabled.

How to enable traversal cloud and access the cloud address

The traversal cloud supports more protocols, including TCP UDP STCP XTCP HTTP and HTTPS. You can set up a max of three proxies with free. The free data allowance is 1GB per month.

The traversal cloud server is deployed on Google server. Your connection is safe and secure.

We can also deploy a dedicated traversal cloud server on your domain and your own VPS server or cloud platform. Please contact us to check the deploying fee of the customized services.


Password: OutDoorRouterVT


Password: root


  1. Please ensure the traversal cloud has been enabled. After enabling the checkbox, please click the “Save & Apply” button.
  2. Before access the traversal cloud server, the 4G router must have an Internet connection. Please check the Internet connection on the router.
  3. If you once turned off the traversal cloud function within a power cycle, please reboot the router to refresh the traversal connection session.