EZR34 Outdoor 4G Router CAT12 Modem SIM Slot

EZR34 Series Outdoor 4G Router

CAT12 LTE modem router in IP67 waterproof enclosure for demanding applications

CAT12 Modem Router Global RF Spectrums

New EZR34-012 Outdoor Routers

EZR34-012 series outdoor routers are integrated with an LTE-Advanced CAT12 modem to provide faster-speed LTE internet. The download has a max 600Mbps, and the upload has a max 150Mbps. Here are the key features.

  • CAT12 LTE-Advanced modem and Nano SIM slot
  • 1200Mbps MIMO WiFi coverage and 1Gbps Ethernet
  • IP67-rated enclosure with water resistance protection
  • 4G router withstands extreme weather (-20°C ~ +70°C)

EZR34 Outdoor 4G Router CAT12

CAT12 outdoor 4G router helps you to get fast-speed internet with a SIM card.

Go outdoors and receive the best signals – Fewer RF interferences & barriers outdoors. Bring WiFi internet to outdoor backyards for cameras, sensors, etc.

EZR34 CAT12 Outdoor 4G Router Mobile LTE Modem SIM Slot
Outdoor SIM Router Remote Internet 4G WiFi for Farm Village
You can find the below collection of EZR34-012 routers.

The CAT12 LTE modem is the same. PoE plugs are different according to the destination country. Click on the product photo to read more details.

EZR34-012 Routers

Outdoor Router CAT12 4G Cellular Modem America
  • CAT12 Modem w/ SIM slot
  • Dual-band MIMO WiFi
  • IP67 Waterproof Enclosure
  • 52V PoE with LAN Ethernet
  • Supports 12V DC Power
North America
United Kingdom
Europe (EMEA)

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EZR34 Router with External Antennas

The outdoor external antennas capture the best outdoor signals with fewer barriers & RF interferences. 

The robust Omni-directional antennas pick mobile 4G signals in all directions. In addition, you can replace them with higher-gain directional antennas.

High-gain Outdoor 4G Antennas

Outdoor 4G Router with External Antennas

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