Mobile Broadband 4G Router UK

UK 4G LTE router has a broadband mobile modem to take SIM cards and provide WiFi & Ethernet.

4G SIM Router with Ethernet

The 4G LTE SIM card routers guarantee an Internet connection over mobile networks when you have 3G or 4G signal coverage in the area.

  • No setting fee. No cable bills.
  • No landline cable is required.
  • Unlocked to use all the workable SIM cards.
  • Industrial-grade 4G WiFi backup internet.
Mobile Router with SIM Card Slot for Off Grid Internet

Industrial 4G Router Broadband Modem

The durable 4G router has an industrial-grade quality that integrates a fast-speed mobile modem to offer you the best remote internet solutions.

MIMO wireless WiFi hotspots simultaneously serve massive devices and provide LAN Ethernet for wired connections to extend connectivity.

UK Mobile Broadband Modem 4G LTE Routers

4G LTE Router with SIM Card Slot

4G modem router has Nano SIM card slots and is unlocked to work with all UK SIM card providers, including Vodafone, Three, EE, O2, BT, etc.

The broadband mobile modem connects to wireless 3G/4G networks instead of telephone or cable wires. It supports major 3G UMTS and 4G LTE network bands in the UK, Europe, and other EMEA countries.

4G Mobile Router for UK Mobile Carriers
Cat12 LTE Router Applications with WiFi LAN Connections

UK 4G WiFi Router

The standalone 4G SIM router provides MIMO WiFi hotspots and Ethernet ports.

Driven by a 1-watt booster, the WiFi hotspot offers you WiFi repeater & long-range wireless coverage. The LAN port outputs wired Ethernet.

Safe & Open Source Firmware

The plug-and-play 4G SIM router has open-source firmware, is easy to use, and integrates a bundle of powerful dedicated tools for daily use.

How to Choose a 4G SIM Router for the UK?

Our UK standard 4G SIM card routers share the hardware architectures with EMEA version mobile modems and output similar WiFi power on the firmware system. Therefore, you only need to choose from installation environments and the LTE category of the mobile modems.

i. Signal Level & Location

The wireless mobile signals could be easily blocked by barriers or interference with radio frequency devices. You can follow the tutorial to test your signal reception.

You can choose indoor mobile routers when having a stable and excellent 4G reception indoors.

The industrial-grade 4G router with aluminum-alloy case for indoor 24/7 continuously working.

Robust MIMO WiFi hotspots cover the large house and serve massive concurrent users. Multiple Ethernet ports to quickly expand the intranet network.

  • EZR24 Series
    The latest model with CAT12 modem, Gbps WAN & Ethernet, and 1200Mbps WiFi.
  • EZR23T Series
    The compact design with CAT4/6 modems and affordable price.
SKU: EZR24-U520
CAT19 5G mobile modem <3.4Gbps 5G NR Mobile Modem
Nano SIM slot - 3G 4G failover 4G LTE Advanced Mobile Modem
Dual 2.4/5.8G Wi-Fi 1200Mbps 1200Mbps dual WiFi
WAN & 4xLAN Gigabit RJ45 Ports Fast-speed 4G internet networks
SKU: EZR24-U012
Cat12 4G modem download 600Mbps Cat12 Mobile Modem
3x times upload speed 150Mbps 4G Internet Router Upload Streaming
Dual 2.4/5.8G Wi-Fi 1200Mbps 1200Mbps dual WiFi
WAN & 4xLAN Gigabit RJ45 Ports Fast-speed 4G internet networks
Original price was: US$329.Current price is: US$306.
CAT6 LTE-A modem - Max 300Mbps Cat6 Mobile Modem Router 4G LTE
UK 3G/4G bands - Dual SIM slots Dual-Sim Outdoor 4G Router
Long-range WiFi 100~200 yards Outdoor Router 4G Modem External WiFi
PoE & Wide-range DC power AC to DC Power Supply

When the indoor mobile signal is weak or unstable, suggest using the outdoor mobile router to get maximized signal reception in your area.

The outdoor mobile routers have external antennas to receive the best available outside mobile signals and connect your computers and cameras with fast-speed LTE internet.

Waterproof Outdoor WiFi Extender CPE

The outdoor router has IP67 rated enclosure to withstand challenging environments, harsh rugged deployments, or any applications requiring flexible 4G mobile WiFi coverage.

SKU: EZR34T-U520  
UK 5G SIM Modem max 3.4Gbps 5G-NR Cellular Modem
Dual SIM slots - LTE CAT19 5G Dual SIM Slots
MIMO 5G external antennas Outdoor 5G WiFi Gateway
52V PoE with 1Gbps Ethernet Outdoor CPE Router DC PoE Power
Patented IP67 waterproof router box Router IP67 Waterproof Outdoor
SKU: EZR34-U012  
CAT12 LTE modem 1x SIM slot Cat6 Mobile Modem Router 4G LTE
Max RX 600Mbps TX 150Mbps Fast speed LTE internet on CAT12 modem
1200M WiFi 150~300 yards Outdoor Router 4G Modem External WiFi
52V PoE with 1Gbps Ethernet Outdoor PoE Router 48V LAN Ethernet
IP67 waterproof enclosure Router IP67 Waterproof Outdoor
Original price was: US$439.Current price is: US$421.
SKU: EZR33T-U6  
UK CAT6 LTE+ modem 300Mbps Cat6 Mobile Modem Router 4G LTE
3G 4G bands - dual SIM slots Dual-Sim Outdoor 4G Router
External WiFi 150-300 yards Outdoor Router 4G Modem External WiFi
48V PoE and LAN Ethernet Outdoor PoE Router 48V LAN Ethernet
Rugged IP67 waterproofing Router IP67 Waterproof Outdoor

ii. LTE Category of Mobile Modem

The mobile modem uses the LTE Categories to define its performance. Each LTE category has inequable parameters like datarates, power, bandwidth, etc.

The most popular models are CAT6 & CAT12, which have carrier aggregation with a faster cellular speed. The CAT4 is suitable for low-traffic demands and applications such as IoT devices.

CAT4 150 Mbps 5 Mbps No Rel 8
CAT6 300 Mbps 50 Mbps 2x CA Rel 10
CAT12 600 Mbps 150 Mbps 3x CA Rel 11

UK SIM Card Data Plans

Full-scale Technical Supports

We provide tested tutorials and online manuals. In addition, there is vast online guidance for open-source 4G router firmware.