I had issues getting reliable internet access at my rural home until I installed the outdoor 5G router and external antennas.

I happily recommend their services to anyone struggling with poor rural internet connectivity. They truly understand these challenges and can create robust, real-world fixes for shaky rural signals.

Exceptional 5G Connectivity 2.3KM Cell Tower
Exceptional 5G Connectivity Outside 5G Router
Exceptional 5G Connectivity with MIMO Antenna Array

They helped customize a solution enabling connecting to 5G networks from over 2.3 kilometers away. I have attached pictures showcasing the router and antennas in their revised location, successfully communicating in 5G. The red arrow in the attached images points to the 5G tower from my service provider.

With the long-range 70-meter PoE cabling, I can take advantage of the fast speed of the indoor Asus router and provide a different network segment for my home network.

The installation process was smooth, and the equipment worked flawlessly. Thanks to their PoE solution, I have a full 1Gbps throughput to power my home network.