In my small flat town, the nearest cell tower transmitter is 119 meters away. My mobile mini router gets random 4G signals, and its internet speed is very sporadic.

Cell Tower Map and 4G Panel Antenna for 4G Router Ethernet

After installing an external 4G panel antenna on the balcony on the 3rd floor and facing towards to 4G+ transmitter, then run the 5-meter coaxial cable to the EZR23 mobile modem and connect Ethernet to the computer, I get an average 63Mbps download and 46Mbps upload speed. The peak speed even reaches 83Mbps download and 46Mbps upload.

I couldn’t get these great speeds before on the mobile mini router. The router works very well. Thank you!

Boosting 4G work-from-home speed and reliability in an urban environment for a data-intensive user.
– by Will D’A