The outdoor router receives 3G/4G mobile phone signals or Wi-Fi signals from router/AP or directly connect to router/AP via PoE injector, then establish a Wi-Fi hotspot. The 4G outdoor router provides up to 150mbps high-speed internet service to max 10 users.

The high gain fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) antennas allow the 4G outdoor router to works in low signal locations. In 3G/4G modem and WiFi Extender models, the alternative Ethernet connection is provided through the PoE injector.

Outdoor 4G WiFi Router Working Principle Diagram

Connect to Internet

You can connect the 4G outdoor router to both of 3G/4G mobile phone networks, or the existing Wi-Fi networks, or directly connect to AP/Router via LAN cable through the PoE injector. You can config the priority connection methods over the control panel of the outdoor router. The default setting is use 3G/4G mobile network.

Build-in advanced and intelligent 3G/4G modem, the 4G outdoor router bring secure, high-performance cellular connectivity to outside locations and harsh environments. The high gain fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) antennas allow the router to works in low signal locations.

  1. Firstly insert a SIM card and connect to PoE injector by LAN cable. The outdoor wireless router will start to create a Wi-Fi hotspot within 20 seconds.
  2. The outdoor router captures mobile network signals via the full-band FRP aerial. It supports mobile networks of 4G FDD-LTE, 4G TDD-LTE, 3G WCDMA/HSPA+, 3G TD-SCDMA, and 2G GSM/GPRS/EDGE.
  3. Transmit mobile phone network to Wi-Fi signal, and boost the Wi-Fi signal to up to 30dBm (1Watt). Then broadcast boosted Wi-Fi signals by high gain 2.4G FRP aerial.
  4. The router supports Ethernet connection. You can connect your computer or indoor router to the PoE power adapter with 5-Meter LAN cable (included).
4G Router Modem Outdoor

Build-in advanced Wi-Fi extender chip, the outdoor Wi-Fi router can extend the coverage area of existing Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi extender can effectively expand the Wi-Fi coverage to outdoor areas.

  1. Install the router in a location that can access the existing Wi-Fi network, and connect to PoE power supply.
  2. Log in the control panel of the router, detect and connect to the existing Wi-Fi network.
  3. The 4G outdoor router will boost the received Wi-Fi signal and transmit the boosted Wi-Fi signals through the high-gain fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) antenna.
WiFi Extender Booster in Outdoor

The outdoor router can connect to access point (AP) and router via LAN cable through the PoE injector. Then boost internet signal by creating a wireless hotspot with 20/27/30dBm power. The Router Booster model could expand internet access ability to outdoor areas and extend the Wi-Fi coverage than regular mini power Wi-Fi CPE/AP.

  1. Install the router in a location to cover the defined area need to access the wireless hotspot created by the outdoor router.  **No need to insert SIM card.
  2. Connect to PoE port on the injector by LAN cable and turn on the power. Access the control panel under 3G/4G mode and turn on WWAN function.
  3. Connect LAN port on PoE injector to router/AP with 5-meter LAN cable (included). The outdoor router will start to boost the received internet signal and provide internet service on its own wireless hotspot.

Powerful Wi-Fi Network

Comply Wi-Fi standards 802.11b/g/n, the outdoor router provide 13 Wi-Fi channels, with high-speed wireless transmission up to 150mbps. It supports max 10 users at the same.

1Watt Wi-Fi Booster

Built-in powerful Wi-Fi booster chip, the outdoor Wi-Fi router can output up to 30dBm (1Watt) power. With the default high-gain 6dB FRP antenna the router can cover 200~500 meters in radius in the open space.

Wireless Encryption

The outdoor router allows you to encrypt the Wi-Fi network with WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, or WPA2 AES-PSK.

Powerful WiFi Booster in Outdoor Router

PoE+ Power Supply

Integrated IEEE802.3at power over Ethernet (PoE Plus) standard, the outdoor router provides an easy installation. Power and data will travel down the same Ethernet cable, no need to connect the router to an electrical outlet.

PoE Injector on 4G Outdoor Router

A 10-meter outdoor class LAN cable is included in the package. You can upgrade PoE power supply from default 15V to 24V~48V if need to extend LAN cable to max 50~100 meters.

Merely connect the computer or indoor AP/router to LAN port on the PoE injector, the internet connection will be expanded to indoor areas.

IP67 Outdoor Design

The industrial-grade outdoor router can stand up to dirt, harmful ingress of water, humidity and extreme temperatures for years of dependable operation. It’s the ideal solution for industries, business, remote locations, residences, rural areas and the underserved places.

The rugged metallic case provided IP67 rated protection from dust and capable of withstanding water immersion between 15 cm and 1 meter for 30 minutes.

The IP68 rated cable gland provided even safer protection to the LAN cable connection.

IP67 Rated Outdoor Router Industrial Grade 24/7

Outdoor Long-range 4G LTE Router

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