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LMR200 Cable

LMR200 cable is explicitly designed for low signal loss, with a loss factor of around 3 dB per 100 feet at 2 GHz. The lower loss of LMR200 allows it to carry radio signals over farther distances without degradation.

It supports a wide frequency range from DC to 4 GHz. The wider frequency range of LMR200 makes it suitable for transmitting signals for applications like Wi-Fi, 4G cellular, GPS, and emergency services radio.

LMR200 cable can handle up to 1,000 watts. It works better to carry higher power signals in some communications equipment like cellular amplifiers, radio transmitters, and 4G/5G routers.

By offering double shielding with foil and copper braid shields, you can use it in areas with more interference sources.
It is rated for outdoor and direct burial use, resistant to UV radiation, moisture, chemicals, and temperature extremes. You can use it outdoors without a problem.

Choose the LMR200 cable to provide a stable connection to your outdoor antenna.

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