LTE CAT1 Router

LTE CAT1 is a low and medium-speed LTE standard for IoT applications and Wi-Fi Etherent enabled devices to request low throughput. It’s part of 3GPP Release 8 and available worldwide. LTE CAT1 mobile modem offers 10Mbps download speed and 5Mbps upload speed with a latency of 50 to 100 milliseconds. It uses up to 20 MHz of bandwidth in full-duplex mode and supports tower handoff.

LTE CAT1 router offers full accessibility to 4G mobile networks and supports downgrade to 2G/3G networks. In addition, the LTE CAT1 router has lower data usage and power consumption than higher LTE categories routers. Therefore, it’s a good choice for use cases like IoT sensors, wearable devices, POS terminals, vending machines, ATMs, asset trackers, smart meters, etc.

The LTE CAT1 router supports global coverage, lower latency, data streaming, half-duplexing, and mobile tower handoff compared with other IoT-specific technologies, including NB-IoT and LTE-M. However, LTE CAT1 consumes more power and has a shorter signal range; therefore, the LTE CAT1 router is best suited to PoE or DC power sources rather than batteries.‍

Worldwide Variant LTE CAT1 Routers

Our LTE CAT1 routers have variants models for use in different regions and cover all the mainstream mobile carriers worldwide. They are backward-compatible with 2G and 3G networks, ensuring connection in remote areas devoid of 4G coverage.

The CAT1 routers below are built on our EZEN-3X motherboard with a standalone 2.4GHz Wi-Fi hotspot rated 300Mbps at incredible Wi-Fi signal coverage.

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CAT1 LTE mobile modem 10Mbps Mobile Modem 4G LTE Router
3G/4G bands - Dual SIM slots Dual-Sim Outdoor 4G Router
Long-range WiFi 100~200 yards Outdoor Router 4G Modem External WiFi
Wide-range DC power 9~48Volt Wide-range DC Power Supply
Category 1 LTE modem max 10Mbps Cat4 Mobile Modem 4G LTE Router
Dual SIM card 2x 4G Antennas Dual-Sim Outdoor 4G Router
MIMO WiFi hotspot 150-300 yards Outdoor Router 4G Modem External WiFi
48V PoE and 12V DC power Outdoor PoE Router 48V LAN Ethernet
Robust waterproof enclosure Router IP67 Waterproof Outdoor