Oceanian Industrial 4G Router WiFi MIMO

US$145 US$129

Oceanian Australia standard industrial 4G router integrated with CE approved 4G modem and MIMO WiFi. Change 4G mobile internet to 300Mbps WiFi and 3×10/100Mbps Ethernet. Provide fast speed internet connection for your wireless enabled devices and equipment. Great choice for business and industrial purposes.

◦ Industrial-grade 4G broadband modem supports 3G 4G networks
◦ RT7620 router powered by 580MHz CPU 128Mb memory and 8Mb flash
◦ Powerful Wi-Fi booster covers 100~200 meters in radius
◦ Transmission speed up to 300Mbps, serve 30 Wi-Fi users
◦ External removable 3/4dBi whip antennas SMA connector


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