Before installing the outdoor router, firstly using your mobile phone, walk around and look for a location that gets a good signal. You need to prepare a prepaid Nano USIM card and insert in the built-in SIM card slot. The standard Nano USIM card is measuring 0.5″ long by 0.3″ wide (12.3×8.8mm).  

You can also use the Wi-Fi relay function to extend an existing Wi-Fi signal to a further area. Make sure in the location of the outdoor router could receive at least 3 bars of the Wi-Fi signals.

1) Install External Antennas

Install mobile phone aerial on the left base connector, and install another Wi-Fi aerial on the right base connector.
Twist the connector clockwisely to fix antennas on the router.

2) Connect LAN Cable

Take apart the cable gland, and through the LAN cable.
Plug the RJ45 connector into the router. Screw on the barrel screw, insert rubber stopper, and crew down the cap.

3) Install On A Pole

Clasp the pole with U-bolts and holders. Attach the L-shape brackets on the holders. Put spring washers, washers, and bolts on U-bolts then tighten the bolts.

4) Connect PoE+ Injector

Connect another RJ45 connector on the 10-meter LAN cable to PoE port on the PoE injector. Connect indoor router or computer to LAN port. Plug the PoE injector into an electrical outlet.

Join Wi-Fi Network

After connected to the electrical outlet, a Wi-Fi hotspot will be created within 20 seconds. Join the Wi-Fi network with the default password.

Login Outdoor Router

Turn on DHCP function on your device. Open a web browser and type in address bar. Use default admin password to log in.

Control Panel

Connect Status

The status of working time, and upload, download speed of 3G/4G mobile network connection. Click On/Off button to turn on/off the mobile connection.

Connected Devices

Number of the devices connected to the outdoor router, click the block and check device name and MAC address. You can block the unauthorized devices.

Data Management

Help you to control the 3G/4G data usage wisely. Click the data management block and customize your data management by time or by data.

Network Settings

Setup wireless broadband mode and connection mode. You can change Wi-Fi hotspot SSID, password, WiFi relay setting in the section of Wi-Fi setting.

SMS Control

SMS controlling function is built-in the outdoor router. And a variety of SMS orders supply together with the outdoor router. You can control the outdoor router remotely by simply sending SMS messages to the phone number of inserted SIM card.

Reset & Upgrade

A physical reset button is available which allow users to reset the router to factory settings. The firmware can be uploaded and upgraded from the control panel.

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