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What is 4G Router / LTE Modem?

4G router uses embedded LTE modem to connect to carrier’s mobile network and deliver the internet connectivity on Wi-Fi and LAN Ethernet. The 4G router can work widely and flexibly with a fair mobile signal reception for home, office, IoT, and industrial applications.

What is 4G LTE UE Category?

Short of Long Term Evolution, LTE is the fourth-generation (4G) wireless cellular service developed by 3GPP with different 4G LTE Standards on gradual releases. The 4G router uses the LTE UE (User Equipment) Categories to define the performance specifications. Each LTE category has inequable parameters like datarates, power, bandwidth, etc.

Our 4G router products are in different LTE categories, including CAT1 CAT4 CAT6 CAT12. Each has a diverse speed rate and benefits for various application scenarios, depending on how fast speed and throughput requires. The below comparison chart shows their speeds and specifications.

4G LTE UE Category Comparison Chart

4G Router LTE UE Category Comparison Chart
LTE UE Category
Maximum Speed Rate
Download MIMO Layers
Carrier Aggregation
RF Bandwidth
Highest Modulation
3GPP Release
Download Upload Download Upload
CAT1 10 Mbps 5 Mbps 1 No 1.4 ~ 20 MHz 64 QAM 16 QAM Rel 8
CAT4 150 Mbps 50 Mbps 2 No 1.4 ~ 20 MHz 64 QAM 16 QAM Rel 8
CAT6 300 Mbps 50 Mbps 2 or 4 2x Max 40MHz 64 QAM 16 QAM Rel 10
CAT12 600 Mbps 150 Mbps 2, 3 or 4 3x Max 40MHz 256 QAM 64 QAM Rel 11

As the 4G mobile network is widely deployed worldwide, the 4G data allowance becomes sufficient and lowers the price. So without any setup fee, insert a SIM card into the 4G router, you can start to enjoy the cutting edge mobile internet speed.

You can choose the various LTE Category 4G routers below for your speed request. For example, if your usage requires a fast speed such as video streaming, choose the LTE-Advanced routers, including CAT6 router and CAT12 router.

CAT12 Router

Download 600Mbps

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CAT6 Router

Download 300Mbps

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CAT4 Router

Download 150Mbps

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CAT1 Router

Download 10Mbps

Upgrade & Downgrade LTE Modem on 4G Router

Our 4G router has a modular design that supports upgrading or downgrading the LTE modems. CAT1/4/6 LTE modems are mini-PCIe standard interfaces. CAT12 and 5G-NR modems are M.2 standard interfaces. The identical interface LTE modems can exchange each other flawlessly.