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Cellular Router Firmware Guidance

Check the insights and guidance on our cellular WiFi routers. Explore different aspects of 4G/5G cellular internet router’s firmware usage, configuration, and how to customize the firmware settings to meet specific needs. We are trying to write in an informative style and do our best to make them readable for both technical and non-technical readers. If you have any questions about our cellular router firmware, please get in touch with us.

3X Router Firmware Update Log and Tutorial

Updated Features Firmware Upgrade Tutorial   !IMPORTANT! DO NOT turn off the power while flashing [...]


4X Series Firmware Releases and Tutorials

EV4X Series Firmware for Mobile SIM Routers Firmware Upgrade Tutorial !IMPORTANT!DO NOT turn off the [...]


Send and Receive SMS on 4G Router SSH Shell

The EZRx3 series 4G routers use QMI protocol by default to establish a 4G connection [...]


Scheduled Tasks – Auto Reboot

Reboot the 4G router can solve the Internet connectivity issues and improve the security level. [...]


Outdoor Router Command Line Interface

The outdoor router provides both the Web interface and the command-line interface. You can access [...]

4G Mobile Interface Protocols – QMI and PPP

The default protocol built on the “Mobile Interface” is “QMI”. QMI (Qualcomm MSM Interface) is [...]


EZR3X DHCP & IP Configuration

The DHCP server is enabled on our routers. DHCP is used to dynamically assign the [...]


Enable Port Forwarding for Outdoor Router

Port Forwarding Introduction Port forwarding is an application of network address translation (NAT) that redirects [...]

EZR30 – Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Settings

The Dynamic DNS function is excluded in the V15.05 OpenWrt firmware for EZR30 outdoor router. [...]

Ethernet Connection on Outdoor 4G Router

The outdoor router accesses the mobile network and provides internet connections on both Wi-Fi and [...]