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Case Study Outdoor 4G Router Solutions
A series of case studies and deployment examples to practice the 4G/5G cellular internet connectivity and outside wireless coverage. Explore various scenarios where outdoor 4G routers have been implemented to provide reliable, high-speed internet connectivity in challenging environments.

Rural Mobile SIM Internet for Remote Farm Ranch

Due to remote locations, rural farms and ranches might lack reliable wired Internet, hampering productivity [...]

4G 5G Router Band Locking

The 4G and 5G routers are set to use all available modes and bands in [...]

4G Router Bridge Mode (4G IP Passthrough)

The outdoor 4G router now support the bridge mode to passthrough 4G IP address to [...]

Scheduled Tasks – Auto Reboot

Reboot the 4G router can solve the Internet connectivity issues and improve the security level. [...]


Clean SIM Card for 4G Routers

If your 4G router is unable to detect the SIM card or gets the error [...]

EZR30 Outdoor Router Hardware Replacing Tutorial

Sometimes, the wrong operation or some other factors could breakdown the motherboard of EZR30 router. [...]


Ethernet Connection on Outdoor 4G Router

The outdoor router accesses the mobile network and provides internet connections on both Wi-Fi and [...]