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Technical 4G Outdoor Router Benefits

A general overview of the 4G 5G modem router’s advantages, technical features, and how they can benefit home office and industrial uses.

The main feature of a 4G/5G router is to provide fast-speed and flexible cellular internet connectivity. And also, the rugged design withstands harsh weather conditions. Meanwhile, it has powerful, advanced security features ensuring data privacy and protection.

4G 5G Router Band Locking

The 4G and 5G routers are set to use all available modes and bands in [...]

Outdoor Router vs Outdoor CPE

CPE, short for Customer Premises Equipment, is the broad category of telecom equipment used to [...]

5G Signal Strength and 5G-NR Bands

5G NR stands for 5th Generation New Radio. It is the latest mobile network technology [...]

4G Router Bridge Mode (4G IP Passthrough)

The outdoor 4G router now support the bridge mode to passthrough 4G IP address to [...]

Send and Receive SMS on 4G Router SSH Shell

The EZRx3 series 4G routers use QMI protocol by default to establish a 4G connection [...]


Working At Home With 4G Outdoor Router

We continue to offer the latest innovations in 4G internet equipment to help you stay [...]

Scheduled Tasks – Auto Reboot

Reboot the 4G router can solve the Internet connectivity issues and improve the security level. [...]


4G Mobile Interface Protocols – QMI and PPP

The default protocol built on the “Mobile Interface” is “QMI”. QMI (Qualcomm MSM Interface) is [...]


Field Test 4G Mobile Signal Strength

Want to know if Outdoor 4G Router works for you? Do a simple field test [...]


APN Settings for Outdoor 4G Router

APN, short of Access Point Name, is the gateway to access the mobile network. The [...]