4G LTE Router with External Antennas

4G LTE Router with External Antennas

The Outdoor 4G LTE Router comes with two external antennas. The left antenna is for communicating with the mobile phone towers to access the 3G/4G cellular networks. The right aerial is for transmitting and receiving WiFi data.

The default external aerials on 4G LTE routers are fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) antennas. With marine-class quality and outdoor design, the FRP antennas can work with 4G LTE routers in outdoor 24/7.

The mobile FRP antenna works on wideband cellular frequency range 698~2700MHz. Featured by 5dB high-gain and low V.S.W.R., the FRP mobile antenna allows the 4G LTE router to receive mobile signals in all directions and works in weak signal locations.

Datasheet - FRP Antenna

Forget the internal antennas sealed in a small plastic case, and also the tiny whip antennas used on other kinds of 4G routers, the marine-class FRP antennas bring you enhanced signal reception and more stable Wi-Fi connections.

If in case the 4G router needs to work in a signal blind area with weak mobile signal strength, you can upgrade the default mobile FRP antenna to a directional 9.5dBi logarithm yagi antenna. The logarithm yagi antenna could improve the cellular signal reception efficiently.

Upgrade to 9.5dBi Logarithm Antenna

The external antennas on the 4G LTE router are removable. By connecting to extra coaxial cables, you are allowed to change the antenna location and direction without moving the 4G router.

Coaxial Cable for Outdoor 4G LTE Router

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