Rural Mobile SIM Internet for Remote Farm Ranch

Rural Mobile SIM Internet for Remote Farm Ranch

Due to remote locations, rural farms and ranches might lack reliable wired Internet, hampering productivity and efficiency. OutdoorRouter offers a flexible mobile internet solution with a SIM card modem router.

The outdoor 4G/5G router works standalone to convert mobile signals into wireless WiFi and wired Ethernet networks, connecting your farm appliances and agriculture sensors to the Internet. It is rugged and waterproof in an IP67 enclosure and suitable for use in any harsh farm environment.

Standalone SIM Card Router with WiFi and LAN

Mobile Modem with SIM Card Slot

The outdoor router has a built-in 4G/5G mobile modem with a SIM card slot. It works standalone to receive mobile signals and provides an internet connection through its WiFi hotspot and wired LAN Ethernet port. The SIM card router is plug-and-play. You only need to prepare a workable SIM card and find a spot with sufficient mobile signal reception.

Long-range Outdoor WiFi Available

Designed to provide massive WiFi coverage, the outdoor router’s WiFi hotspot is driven by a 27~30dBm booster, qualified to cover 150~300 yards in open space. It’s beneficial for farms with multiple buildings or vast areas that require wireless connectivity. You can also upgrade to directional WiFi antennas and broadcast wireless signals to a specific location.

Outdoor Waterproof Protection

The outdoor router has a rugged weatherproof enclosure to withstand extreme temperatures and prevent dust and water. It’s designed to work outside in harsh outdoor conditions, making it qualified to work as a mobile internet gateway in remote farms, ranches, meadows, nurseries, orchards, pastures, plantations, ranches, and vineyards.

Success Stories of Rural 4G Routers

2.3km 5G Exceptional

Remote Mountainous Area

Internet In A Remote Area

How to Choose 4G/5G Router for Farms?

Choosing the right router depends on the mobile signal quality on your farm and the number of devices that will connect to it. You can use your mobile phone with the mobile carrier’s SIM card that you want to use in the 4G/5G router, walk around indoors and outdoors, and check which spot has more than 3-bar 4G or 5G signals. Check more about signal test tutorial.

Indoor vs. Outdoor SIM Card Router

When the indoor can receive 3~4 bars, or the RSRP value shows above -85dBm, the indoor SIM card router can work well. If indoor has 0~2 bar signals and outdoor has 3~4 bars, the most reliable option is to choose the outdoor router models to ensure a stable Internet connection.

In some rural areas, the outdoor area could have a limited signal; please test the signals in your farm’s attic, roof, and high spots. When the outdoor area has poor signal reception, using a high-gain directional antenna can significantly improve the mobile signals for the SIM card router.

4G-LTE vs. 5G-NR Mobile Router

When your farm has sufficient and stable 5G coverage, and you prefer a higher-speed network, a 5G outdoor SIM router is a perfect choice. Meanwhile, the 4G mobile modem routers are more cost-effective and offer enough speeds for farm equipment to work. Check more about 4G/5G modem’s UE categories.

OutdoorRouter is dedicated to providing reliable mobile internet routers. Please feel free to contact us if you need advice on choosing the mobile SIM card internet solution or configuring the modem internet gateway.

We also offer advanced OEM services to adapt to various needs in different applications.

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