Working at home with a 4G outdoor router

Working At Home With 4G Outdoor Router

COVID-19 continues to affect every corner of the lives, businesses, and communities. We hope everyone is staying at home to keep safe and putting their health and well-being first.

Out sales team remains fully functional and ready to solve all the questions you probably have. We continue to offer the latest innovations in 4G internet equipment to help you stay connected with customers and the team during the outbreak.

We are doing everything we can do to ensure your parcel as safely and securely as possible. We are working closely with all our shipping couriers to minimize any risks while maintaining service levels.

Working At Home Router Stay Connected 4G
EZR33-Y4U UK Outdoor LTE 4G Router Dual-SIM Cat4

Outdoor 4G MIMO Router

IP67 Water-resistance 300Mbps

Industrial 4G Router

MIMO 4G 2.4G 5.8G – 1200Mbps

Solar Powered 4G Router

with Battery & Solar Controler

Outdoor 4G routers can use a SIM card to connect to 4G mobile networks and create a wireless Wi-Fi hotspot. The Wi-Fi network from the outdoor 4G router can support Wi-Fi enabled devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones that are within range of its signal. It can also provide a LAN Ethernet connection to a personal computer (PC) or another indoor router.

Here are some tips about how to use an outdoor 4G router.

  1. Choose a suitable data plan for your SIM card, make sure you will have enough data allowance to process your daily jobs;
  2. Put the router to the place where it can capture the best 4G signal, for example, on the roofs of the house or water tower, on the street lamps or trees;
  3. Make sure your workspace close to the 4G router to receive a good WiFi signal;
Protect Yourself Stay At Home Working From Home

The outdoor 4G router can provide stable and fast speed internet access in rural areas where there is no landline internet available. Whether it is used as your primary internet connection or as a backup to keep you online when the landline internet goes down, a 4G router can be a useful gadget to help you work at home. Please contact us to find a suitable 4G internet solution.

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