Compare Outdoor CPE vs Outdoor Router

Outdoor Router vs Outdoor CPE

CPE (short of Customer Premises Equipment) is telecommunication hardware located near the customer’s home or office. The Outdoor CPE device is an outdoor access point (AP) or router to provide a long-distance wireless network solution.

Outdoor CPE – Wi-Fi Extender

The outdoor Wi-Fi extender is a typical outdoor CPE device. It receives an internet signal from the LAN port on the PoE injector. Then sends boosted Wi-Fi signal to the further distance in the outdoor area.

The outdoor CPE Wi-Fi extender can also connect to another Wi-Fi SSID wirelessly.

It has a standalone Wi-Fi access point with a fully functional DHCP server. You can also turn off DHCP to work in a slave mode.

You can also upgrade the external Wi-Fi antennas to directional antennas and covers a large area or point towards a particular direction.

Outdoor CPE Wi-Fi Extender


Outdoor CPE 4G Router

Including all the above outdoor Wi-Fi extender features, the outdoor CPE 4G router includes an LTE modem to connect to mobile networks. It provides an external internet connection run on the mobile network.

Insert a mobile SIM card in the outdoor router, and then you are ready to share the internet with outdoor devices. The PoE injector could input internet signals or output Ethernet signals.

The rugged enclosure and durable industrial-grade components offer a stable internet solution for various demanding applications. You can easily install it in the countryside, holiday resort, campsite, campus, RV caravan, and even construction sites.

Outdoor CPE 4G Router



  • Conform to IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Up to 150Mbps Internet Speed
  • WPA/WPA2 Encryption
  • Support Ethernet Network
  • Outdoor IP6x Protection
  • Use PoE Power System
  • Work on 2.4GHz Frequencytpat

Differences of CPE

  • No 3G/4G Internet Connection
  • Most No Wi-Fi Relay Function
  • Most No Outside FRP Antenna
  • Less than IP67 Protection
  • No SIM Card Slot

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