Outdoor CPE vs Outdoor Router with Mobile Modem

Outdoor Router vs Outdoor CPE

CPE, short for Customer Premises Equipment, is the broad category of telecom equipment used to access internet connections. The router is an intelligent CPE designed explicitly to route traffic between networks and devices.

An outdoor CPE is a weatherproof wireless networking device installed outside the home or facility to provide internet connectivity. It’s usually an outdoor access point (AP) to provide an outside wireless Wi-Fi network solution, such as the below outdoor Wi-Fi extender.

Outdoor CPE vs Outdoor Wi-Fi Extender

The outdoor Wi-Fi extender on the right side is a typical outdoor CPE that receives internet from other Wi-Fi hotspots, or the PoE injector then sends a boosted Wi-Fi signal to a further distance in the outdoor area.

The economical and carrier-provided outdoor CPE might lack a DHCP server, so they must rely on the master internet router. Our outdoor Wi-Fi extender has a standalone Wi-Fi access point with a fully functional DHCP server. You can also turn off DHCP to work as a slave mode AP.

MIMO WiFi extender 100-250 meters WiFi extender outdoor
48V PoE and 100Mbps Ethernet Extender power by PoE
Waterproof & lighting protection Waterproof outdoor wifi extender

Outdoor CPE with SIM Card Modem

With all the above-mentioned essential features of outdoor CPE and Wi-Fi extender, our Outdoor CPE Router has a built-in mobile modem with SIM card slot(s).

It’s a standalone wireless router that accesses widely deployed 3G/4G/5G mobile networks and provides internet connectivity in demanding environments for outdoor events and rural internet.

Our outdoor CPE router has a rugged enclosure with an IP67 waterproof rating for protection from dust and weather. It has external high-gain antennas for Wi-Fi and cellular (5G, 4G LTE, etc) to improve range and performance.

OutdoorRouter provides various outdoor 4G/5G CPE routers to adapt to worldwide mobile networks and expand internet coverage outdoors for homes, businesses, events, transportation, and IoT applications. Click on the right-side link to check more details.

Outdoor CPE Router Mobile 4G 5G SIM Card Modem

Summary of Outdoor CPE and Router


  • Outside Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Outdoor Wireless Internet Coverage
  • Waterproof Enclosure for Outdoor
  • PoE and Wired Ethernet Connection
  • Outdoor External RF Antennas
  • Better Signal Coverage in Outside

Differences of CPE

  • No Mobile Modem and SIM Slot
  • Most Without Wi-Fi Relay
  • Basic Dust-proof – Non-waterproof
  • Wired WAN Connection without Ethernet
  • Not Replaceable Upgradeable Antennas
  • Non-Open-sourced CPE router firmware

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