EZR30 – Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Settings

The Dynamic DNS function is excluded in the V15.05 OpenWrt firmware for EZR30 outdoor router. To enable the DDNS Dynamic DNS function, please follow below steps. Enclosed also is the tutorial video for easy reference.

Step 1
Make sure your router is connected to the internet via 4G or Wi-Fi relay or LAN.
Surf to “System / Software”.
Install “ddns-scripts” in the row of “Download and install package.”
Check if the module has been installed successfully by input “ddns” in the second row of “Filter”, then click “Find package”.
If it has been installed already, it will show in the list of “Installed packages”.

Step 2
Click the tab of “Available packages (ddns)”, find and install “luci-app-ddns”.
You will find this module under “Installed packages” using the same filter of “ddns”.

Step 3
After successfully installed both modules of “ddns-scripts” and “luci-app-ddns”, surf to “Services / Dynamic DNS”, then “edit” the DDNS settings for your EZR30 outdoor router.

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