Light Up Your 2022 WiFi Christmas Tree

Christmas is just around the corner! The holiday season is about to begin!

As the holidays approach, there tend to be more people in our homes. More people will be using the Internet – to get online, read the news, play games, watch movies, and videos with family and friends. Time to light up your WiFi Christmas tree!

What exactly is a WiFi Christmas tree?

Now please look at your phone. Find the WiFi signal symbol and turn your phone upside down. See? The WiFi Christmas tree is already on your phone and been there for a long time.

We, OutdoorRouter, help you to light up your WiFi Christmas tree and blooming than ever. You can even see your home WiFi Christmas Tree in the backyard or garden. The 4G router converts wireless mobile signals into WiFi. It does not rely on landlines. Only need a workable SIM card.

Outdoor 4G Router Lights Up your WiFi Christmas Tree

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EZR24 4G LTE Cat12 Router with Optimized 4G WiFi RF Antenna Array

CAT12 Indoor 4G Router

The latest launch of EZR24-012 routers. It has a Cat12 mobile modem with max 600Mbps download speed and up to 150Mbps upload speed, which is 3 times faster than Cat4 and Cat6 routers.

Cat12 LTE router has 1200Mbps WiFi hotspots on 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz. It’s WiFi coverage is up to 50~100 yards.

European Outdoor 4G Router Mobile LTE Modem SIM Slot

Robust Outdoor 4G Router

The EZR33L series outdoor 4G router has a IP67 rated waterproof enclosure for using in outdoor area. It can withstand cold temperature and extreme weather.

The outdoor 4G router has a Cat4/6 mobile modem with the WiFi booster to cover 150-300yards. It’s the best 4G router for rural areas that struggle to get a fair mobile signal in the indoor area.

All items have available stock for fast shipping!

The delivery time might be delayed due to cold weather and pre-holidays. Here are the estimated transit times.

  • UK – It takes only two working days to deliver from the UK warehouse. 
  • Europe – It takes 4-6 working days to deliver from Germany.
  • USA / Canada – It takes 4-6 working days to send from LA/QC.
  • Australia – It takes 1-5 working days to despatch from Sydney.
Outdoor 4G Router Free Worldwide Shipping

Don’t hesitate. Please contact us if you have any questions.
The outdoor 4G router is a thoughtful gift you can prepare.

Wish you all have a safe and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2022!

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